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Business Divisions

Duo Inter

International Expansion Plan

The most complete and powerful solution, so your company can take a Go.No.Go Decision regarding being or not a Brazilian player.

With extensive expertise in internationalization projects and in the challenging process of Global Operations, Duo Inter offers exceptional services to international companies intending to establish in Brazil, as well as to Brazilian companies seeking to expand their business in the overseas market.

Duo Business

Business and Operations

Duo Business is in charge of each project’s challenge – a customized approach to reach a successful outcome for our customer’s international operations.

Duo Business will be your operational partner in the total or partial execution of your Internationalization Project in Brazil, allying best practices to higher assertiveness in your project.

Duo Comex

Import and Export

Businesses dependent on international logistics, importing or exporting products and services, have faced multiple challenges that create bottlenecks in the whole distribution and operation chain. We know what the major problems are and we have efficient solutions to prevent them.

Duo Fast Track

Best Practices

DUO FAST TRACK offers spot services to support your business or project in the financial area, costs, supplies and logistics, international business, imports and exports specialized of Medical Devices, executive management, strategic and project management.


We work closely with our customers


Specialized services to develop the import & export operations for the new Latin America manufacturing plant.


Global Player: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Oceania

Sales and Operations Management structuring to expand new product lines, new customers relationships, with higher added value product and development of new distribution channels.


With the potential to reach expressive sales volume in Brazil, DUO worked on the challenge of developing a distribution network in Brazil that would meet the business objectives in a complex environment.


Help – Hospital de Ensino e Laboratórios de Pesquisa, has the challange of repositioning the Health Services and Education of the Brazilian Northeast. DUO is part of the Structuring and Implementing Commitee of Health Division, responsible for defining the new operation structure, develop international and national partnership and combining multiples scenarios for the management of new business and for the start-up of the new Hospotial.

The Project was driven to a new strategic model of innovation, education and research, including Business Plan, Investment Management, Building Infrastructure, Definition of clinical specialties, technology applicable for services, suppliers, products and assistance with competitive innovation differential.


Making a difference


To offer transformative health services aligned with challenges required by health projects requires a high level of professionalization. Today, the technological transformation, supports and revolutionizes the manufacturing standards, the management of risks inherent to the segment and the guarantee of care with the end customers, who are the patients.

For DUO’s team have created a track record of successful projects in this segment is an immense pride. We had achieved these results based on our solid experience of our team and building partnerships that offer our customers efficiency and safety.

Structuring an operation and creating an executive body that can detect challenges and streamline this segment requires.

Tell us to create a significant difference in your patients’ lives.


Aiming at developing sales strategies to leverage growth and leadership positioning of products portfolio, Duo structures and implements internationalization projects.

We work in the commercial structuring and operation of products portfolio to expand and adjust your new product lines, new customers base, the repositioning of your higher added value products, the development of your distribution channels.

DUO INTER internationalization projects bring to our customers the opportunity of an expressive sales growth, as well as the expansion of their manufacturing portfolio, with innovation and technological products.

All that to guarantee the success of your internationalization Project.


Duo Inter

If there is an attribute that companies with exponential growth have in common is the ability to explore their full potential. Creating new business opportunities in new markets is one way to delve into their maximum capacity

Overcoming the challenges of the international Market requires business maturity and competitive strength – the main reason our customers rely on us to develop their International Business Plan.

Duo Inter has a team of leading specialists with expertise in the most advanced predictive analysis tools.

To validate the maturity level of the company, we apply the INTERNATIONALIZATION SCORE. To assess competitive potential in the international scenario, we apply the COMPETITIVE ARENA.

Duo Inter have a team of successful professions in several kind of operations and work the most advanced tools of analysis and of prediction.
All of that to guarantee the assertiveness of your internationalization project.


Building a strong relationship with our customers, DUO works with the challenge of developing a distribution network in Brazil to achieve business objectives in a complex and ever-changing environment.

DUO provides services to help your business to maintain or build the competitive positioning of your products in Brazil,
guarantee the regulatory and operational requirements, design an integrated Logistics Operation, develop strong and structured partnerships, creating the necessary environment to the exponential development of your business in Brazil, for all your product line.


Creating opportunities in new markets is a challenging task for any product or brand. DUO helps your business design the finest strategy, using some of the following tools:

  • Financial, operational and commercial scenarios analysis;
  • Competitive Arena: Matrix to compare and assess your business with the target Market;
  • Market Share and target Market delimitation: dynamics, potential and risks;
  • Operational models and partnerships Mapping;
  • Development of a launch strategy in the target Market, considering specific aspects of marketing, sales, regulations, prices and costs;
  • Final conclusion report to confirm your decision.


“DUO Global Business was able to analyze complex processes and propose solutions aimed at developing and expanding new business, considering all the interfaces of our ecosystem. I recommend DUO for its professionalism, commitment and partnership in project execution and focus on results. ``

— Carolina Gadelha

Strategic and Governance Director UNIFACISA Holding / PB (logo Unifacisa

“I have been supported in many initiatives by the unconditional support of Duo Global for over 15 years.
Partner in Export and Import projects, DUO stands out for supporting us in strategic actions, especially the Drawback and Implementation projects of MasterSaf / SAP Export and Import Module. Without their support and expertise, we would not have been able to succeed in these timely initiatives, which are fundamental to the company's leverage and expansion into the international market. ”

— Jose Barone

Operations Manager Acurate Plant - Belo Horizonte Boston Scientific (logo Boston Scientific)


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